Wanpy Snacks

A full range of premium snacks in a new, modern and appealing design. The natural products are full of meat and most of them are grain free. Packed per 100 grams for dogs and per 80 grams for cats,making it an ideal product for pet stores. New products are added to the assortment regularly, such as our recently introduced Creamy lickable products for cats.
Beef, Carrot & Pea
Art. nr. WP87022
Duck, Carrot & Pea
Art. nr. WP87021
Grilled Beef Steak
Art. nr. WP83201
Oven Roasted Beef Marbled Bites
Art. nr. WP86006
Chicken Jerky
Art. nr. WP81030
Soft Chicken Jerky Strips
Art. nr. WP81033
Chicken Jerky & Calcium Bone Twists
Art. nr. WP81035
Chicken Jerky & Codfish Sandwiches
Art. nr. WP81036
Chicken Jerky Chips
Art. nr. WP81065
Chicken Jerky & Biscuit Twists
Art. nr. WP81088
Chicken Jerky & Rawhide Twists

Art. nr. WP81091
Chicken Jerky & Calcium Bone wrap
Art. nr. WP81230
Freeze Dried Chicken Breast
Art. nr. WP81235
Venison Jerky
Art. nr. WP81277
Duck Jerky
Art. nr. WP82004
Duck Sausages
Art. nr. WP82008
Duck Jerky & Rawhide Wraps
Art. nr. WP82035
Freeze Dried Duck Breast
Art. nr. WP82042
Soft Beef Jerky Slices
Art. nr. WP83015
Freeze Dried Beef Liver
Art. nr. WP83016
Lamb Sausages
Art. nr. WP84003
Soft Lamb Jerky Slices
Art. nr. WP84004
Sweet Potato Slices
Art. nr. WP86004
Salmon Fish Shape Bites
Art. nr. WP86800
Toothbrush Chews (Chicken Flavor)
Art. nr. WP86901
Chicken Jerky (Value pack)
Art. nr. WP81032
Duck Jerky (Value pack)
Art. nr. WP82001
Chicken Jerky & Calcium Bone Twists (Value pack)
Art. nr. WP84422
Soft Chicken Jerky Strips for Cat
Art. nr. WP81129
Soft Duck Jerky Strips for Cat
Art. nr. WP81146
Freeze Dried Shrimp
Art. nr. WP81147
Creamy Treat - Chicken
Art. nr. WP87108
Creamy Lickable Treats - Tuna & Shrimp
Art. nr. WP87109
Creamy Lickable Tuna & Salmon
Art. nr. WP87110
Creamy Lickable Tuna & Codfish
Art. nr. WP87111
Salmon, Chicken & Carrot
Art. nr. WP87153
Tuna, Chicken & Carrot
Art. nr. WP87154
25 Creamy lickable Chicken sticks in box
Art. nr. WP87120
25 Creamy lickable Tuna & Shrimp sticks in box
Art. nr. WP87121
25 Creamy lickable Tuna & Crab sticks in box
Art. nr. WP87122
25 Creamy lickable Chicken & Crab sticks in box
Art. nr. WP87123
25 Creamy Lickable Treat - 5 flavors
Art. nr. WP87124