Truly Snacks

High premium snacks with packages in line with the other newly designed products, per 90 grams (for dogs) or 50 grams (for cats). The selection consists of many training treats in different flavours as well as other functional treats. Truly snacks has already proven to be an appreciated assortment in many countries in Europe.
Tuna Sticks
Art. nr. WP58272
Chicken & Banana
Art. nr. WP58271
Chicken & Kiwi
Art. nr. WP58270
Slow Roasted Chicken Slices
Art. nr. WP11303
Chicken Croissants
Art. nr. WP11300
Toothbrush Beef Flavour
Art. nr. WP11301
Chicken Fillets
Art. nr. WP58200
Sushi - Salmon, Tuna & Shrimp
Art. nr. WP58201
Chicken Calcium Bones
Art. nr. WP58202
Chicken Slices
Art. nr. WP58203
Chicken & Fish Strips
Art. nr. WP58204
Dental Ropes
Art. nr. WP58207
Strips for Seniors
Art. nr. WP58208
Anti-Allergy Strips
Art. nr. WP58209
Duck Slices
Art. nr. WP58230
Chicken & Cheese
Art. nr. WP58231
Bone Snacks
Art. nr. WP58232
Deer Fillets
Art. nr. WP58233
Chicken Training Bites
Art. nr. WP58234
Sticks - Rawhide Chicken
Art. nr. WP58235
Veggie Stick
Art. nr. WP58236
Training Chicken & Fish Strips
Art. nr. WP58256
Training Mini Hearts Chicken
Art. nr. WP58257
Training Mini Sticks Duck
Art. nr. WP58258
Training Mini Sticks Lamb
Art. nr. WP58259
Delight Fishkin & Sweet Potato
Art. nr. WP58260
Sticks Rawhide Chicken (Value pack)
Art. nr. WP11302
Chicken Filet (Value pack)
Art. nr. WP58225
Calcium Bone (Value pack)
Art. nr. WP58226
Soft Duck Strips (Value pack)
Art. nr. WP58228
Doggy Sushi Bar (Value pack)
Art. nr. WP58229
Tuna Sticks (+ Taurine)
Art. nr. WP58210
Duck (+ Taurine)
Art. nr. WP58211
Chicken Snacks (Anti hairball)
Art. nr. WP58212
Duck Snacks (Dental)
Art. nr. WP58213
Chicken & Fish
Art. nr. WP58242
Mini Hearts (Chicken & Fish)
Art. nr. WP58243
Creamy Lickable Chicken
Art. nr. WP58351
Creamy Lickable Tuna & Salmon
Art. nr. WP58355
Truly Display Mini Packs
Art. nr. WP58227