Jerky Time

A wide variety of high protein snacks for dogs and cats in a renewed colourful design. You can certainly find the best selling products in this assortment.
Beef Dumbells
Art. nr. WP59019
Duck Stick
Art. nr. WP59017
Chicken & Codfish Bites (heart shaped sushi)
Art. nr. WP59008
Duck & Calcium Bone Twisted
Art. nr. WP59015
Beef & Codfish sandwich
Art. nr. WP59021
Chicken & Salmon bites (heart shaped sushi)
Art. nr. WP59029
Chicken & Codfish Sushi
Art. nr. WP59100
Chicken & Codfish Triangle
Art. nr. WP59020
Soft Chicken Bites
Art. nr. WP59101
Chicken & Rawhide Twists
Art. nr. WP59011
Chicken & Codfish Sushi
Art. nr. WP59005
Chicken & Codfish Sandwiches
Art. nr. WP59006
Chicken Jerky
Art. nr. WP59001
Duck Stick
Art. nr. WP59032